TULIPS 2023 - Our Guide

So, your little heart yearns to see Dutch tulips in Spring? We’ve compiled here a guide that answers many of the small, annoying, and often logistical issues that will determine whether you have a great time or not.

We’ll build this guide as we go, so it might expand after you read it for the first time…. Oh, and we’ll also post some useful tidbits about Amsterdam.

Dutch Hyacinths

Field of hyacinths, 40km from Amsterdam Dutch Hyacinths Hyacinths, a type of bulbous perennial flower, have a long and rich history in the Netherlands. These

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Tour Guides vs Robots

Robot vs Tulips… A very bad sci-fi movie? No, a little test of the recent hype about a supposedly sophisticated chatbot.

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Keukenhof flower gardens

Keukenhof vs Tulip Fields

Keukenhof Keukenhof is the very famous – and very busy – tulips garden that everyone has heard about. It gets an average of 26,000 visitors

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Map of Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Amsterdam & Geography

Keukenhof Tours Keukenhof is about 35km southeast of Amsterdam. If you have your own car, then this journey is very easy to make. If you

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