E-Bike tour near Zaanse Schans

Countryside Ebike Tour: Zaanse Schans

Countryside e-Bike Tour: Zaanse Schans

Via Our Friends at Those Amsterdames

We here at Amsterdam Tulips Tour have always been rather skeptical of bike tours within the city. You’re transposing naive, fun-loving tourists onto the serious business of Amsterdammers getting from A to B on their most advanced form of transportation: The Bike.

It’s a recipe for disaster!

Kendra of Those Amsterdames solved that great philosophical conundrum by putting together a bike tour that chooses the nearby Dutch countryside over the urban obstacles of Amsterdam. She puts you on an E-Bike so you won’t have to break a sweat. You’ll travel idyllic (and quiet!) country bike paths before ending up at the Zaanse Schans windmill complex for a huge slice of Netherlandish culture.

Kendra also keeps group sizes small, no more than 10, and the tour lasts about 5.5 hours. We’re more than happy to give it a hearty recommend! (Where’s that thumbs-up emoji when you want it?!)

Her company also does food and walking tours within Amsterdam, and you should totally check those out too. Want to know more? Visit www.thoseamsterdames.com/tours

The windmills of Zaanse Schans