The backroads near Keukenhof Gardens

We touched upon this in another blog post too, but in Keukenhof Gardens you won’t see any of the iconic rows of tulips (pictured above)… Okay, in one corner of the gardens it looks out onto a field, but the experience at Keukenhof is of very daint manicured flower beds.

However, the area around Keukenhof is absolutely full of them! But you’ll need a car to find them. They are not within walking distance. If you do have a car, you could actually set the GPS for Keukehnof and then just wander the backroads randomly. You will come across flower fields.

The flower field pictured above was about 3km from Keukenhof last year and the one pictured below was about 2km away  but in a different direction. The flowers and varities changes from year to year, the land in these pictures will look quite different the coming year.

A tulips farm near Keukenhof. The peach coloured tulips are in full bloom

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