Private Tulip Tours From Amsterdam
Spring 2024

Late March - Mid May

Back in 2015, we embarked on a humble journey as a one-man show, and our initial venture was all about crafting exclusive private tulip tours. That’s where our reputation began to bloom (pun not originally intended, but we’re going with it). Private tours are still our forte, and we take immense pleasure in creating personalized experiences that will stick with you for a long, long time (and not in a bad way!).

On a private tour we can be much more flexible. This very much includes finding out-of-the-way flower fields at the very start and end of the season. For this reason, we operate our private tours for a wider window of time than our small-group tours. We use comfortable minivans (just a year or two old) that hold up to eight guests (not including our guide). 

Two Curated Routes

You can choose between our off-the-beaten-track tour, which is our pride and joy. We go north of Amsterdam, to the Beemster, and our route includes the private tulips farm we brought Barack Obama to. There’s a whole lot more to it too. Or you can choose to visit Keukenhof – a very well-trodden path – and depend on us to show you the best nearby flower fields and the best place to sample local Dutch cuisine.

Read all about both itineraries below. And we can also tailor either one to your specific desires.

Booking A Private Tour

We take bookings via email. Simply, read about both itineraries and decide which one you prefer. If you book early enough with us, we can also customise these itineraries for you.

Off-The-Beaten-Track Private Tulips Tour

Duration: 6 - 7 hours
€800 (minivan - for up to eight guests)
Admisssions and food not included

This itinerary is our pride and joy! It’s an authentically Dutch day-out, full of dikes and polders and scenic backroads. It also delivers two million tulips on a private farm – the same tulips farm we brought Barack Obama to.

You’ll meet very few (if any!) other tourists on this trip

We start out exploring the countryside to the north of Amsterdam known as Waterland. These are tiny country roads, and we’ll skirt the edge of the largest lake in Western Europe. We’ll stop at an unspoiled Golden Age town, with architecture largely from the 1500s and 1600s.

After that we’ll head to the Beemster region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a tulips growing region. We’ll visit a private tulips farm, where we’ll be the only visitors. We finish off with a trip to an original working windmill from the 1630s. You’ll see inside it and learn about it. At the windmill we’ll also have a picnic lunch of a Dutch cheese sandwich, Dutch apple pie, and a beer!

In the beginning part of the season we visit a hyacinths farm instead of a tulips fields. We detail that more on the booking calendar page. Please read in detail.

On most tours we can also arrange a meet-and-greet with one of the tulip farmers. Just ask us about it if it appeals.

AVAILABILITY: Early April to mid May. For early April, we don’t know exactly when the first hyacinth fields will be in bloom on this route. You’re usually safe by the end of the first week of April. For the very end of the season, in past years we’ve always found a last remaining tulips field in bloom on May 13, but we can’t guarantee it.

Picnic at the windmill we visit
Dutch tulips farmer
Betsie, tulip farmer.
Private tulips farm
Sheep on a road near Amsterdam
One of our back roads. Sheep not guaranteed!

Keukenhof & More Private Tulips Tour

Duration: 6 - 7 hours
€800 (minivan - for up to eight guests)
Food and Keukenhof admission not included

For those of you who want to visit Keukenhof on a private tour, we offer this very flexible option. You choose how long you’d like to spend at Keukenhof and we plan your backroads tour and eating options around that.

On the drive down we take a backroads route along the lovely banks of the Amstel river. This is very picturesque route which passes a windmill and travels over lovely polders. We’ll then zip briefly onto the freeway to finish our journey to Keukenhof.

You can decide how long you want to spend at Keukenhof. We’ll fit the eating options around how long you decide, but we will visit some tulip or hyacinth fields in the surrounding area.

You’ll visit Keukenhof first and decide how long you want to spend there. After that, we’ll take you on a backroads tour of some of the private flower fields surrounding Keukenhof. And depending on how long you spend at Keukenhof, you’ll have a variety of eating options from a lovely picnic, to a pancake house, or a fancy organic restaurant that overlooks tulip fields.

Availability: March 23 – May 14, 2023.


Contact Us About A Private Tour

rory at amsterdamtulipstour dot com

Family Day Out
Tulip farmers Betsie & Loek with one of our guests
Private windmill
Golden Age town
Beemster Cheese!
Homemade Dutch apple pie