8-Person Keukenhof & Tulip Fields Tour

From Amsterdam

So, you want to go to Keukenhof to see tulips. That bit is straightforward! However, how do you get there? And once you get to Keukenhof, you won’t actually see any tulip fields!

It’s true. You’ll see plenty of tulip gardens at Keukenhof – beautifully manicured gardens. But not the iconc tulip fields. That’s where we come in! In a minivan for just 8-people (so, a rather civilised tour size) we transport you to and from Keukenhof. At Keukenhof you’ll have 2.5 – 3 hours to yourself. After that we take you on a guided tour of the surrounding tulip and hyacinth fields area. We’ll stop at one field, where you’ll learn the story of Dutch tulips and grab a photo or ten!

This tour runs four times a day. Twice from very near to Amsterdam Centraal Station (a three-minute walk), and twice from outside the Van Gogh Museum.

From Near Amsterdam Centraal

A field of hyacinths near Keukenhof
Two senior ladies in a field of tulips in Keukenhof

From Van Gogh Museum / Museumplein

A field of hyacinths near Keukenhof
Two senior ladies in a field of tulips in Keukenhof

Who This Tour Is For

This tour is for anyone who is going to Keukenhof and would also like to see the surrounding flower fields area, including a stop at at least one field. Many people assume that you get to see fields of tulips in Keukenhof. This is not the case! You’ll see manicured gardens in Keukenhof, but not the iconic fields of tulips.

Keukenhof Tickets & Transportation

Our driver-guide will drive you to and from Keukenhof. They’ll be your friendly expert on Amsterdam, and can answer and local questions you have. Skip-The-Line tickets are included, and you’ll get 2.5 to 3 hours to yourself in Keukenhof. Do you need a tour guide at Keukenhof? No, absolutely not! It’s like Disneyland for grown-ups, and any tour guide who claims otherwise is overstating their value!

Tulips Fields Area Tour

Now, the good bit! This is where we truly come into our own.

The region around Keukenhof is blanketed with tulip and hyacinth fields. However, they are not accessible by foot, and they are all private property. Many farmers are okay with people visiting their fields, and some aren’t.

We’ll drive you on a circa 15km loop of this area, where you’ll be astounded by the sheer density of beautiful fields. Your guide will explain the Dutch bulb industry to you. And we’ll then stop at one field of tulips* where you’ll hear the story of Dutch tulips and grab an all-important picture or two.

Hyacinth Fields Very Early In The Season

For the very early tours we might visit a field of hyacinths instead of tulips. What??? Oh no…

Don’t worry, hyacinth fields are genuinely as spectacular as tulip fields, and they happen to bloom earlier in April. In fact, there is almost always an early field of tulips to be seen, but in the early season hyacinth fields are more plentiful, and therefore more accessible. Where possible, we’ll visit one field of each variety.

Sheep on a road near Amsterdam
A group of American tourists in a field of tulips near Amsterdam
A group of lovely ladies in a field of tulips near Amsterdam
Argentines at a Dutch windmill
Slices of Dutch apple pie on a picnic table