How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam

A Not So Epic Journey (But still, a journey...)

Keukenhof lies 35km south west of Amsterdam. This means you’re not walking there and you’re also probably not biking there. If you come from overseas, you’re unlikely to have a car. Keukenhof is the name of the tourist attraction, not a town. It’s basically near the town of Lisse but not quite in it, and it’s not a particularly big town. There is no train station there. The nearby town of Hillegom does have a station, but that doesn’t really help you.

Most of the year the bus from Amsterdam to Lisse is a cumbersome affair, however special buses run direct from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof parking lot during tulip time. So, this is what many of you will end up getting. A taxi will cost you more than €100 each way. 


Taxi From Amsterdam To Keukenhof

Return, circa

Bus From Amsterdam To Keukenhof

Return, circa
(But it will be crowded on the bus!)
Picture of a cute old taxi
No, Dutch taxis don't look like this. It's just a cute picture.

Okay, Bus It Is - But Which One?

Bus 852. 

There is a also a big private tourism company called Tours & Tickets. They have a range of mass tourism tours available, including bus journeys to Keukenhof. They’re everywhere, so we won’t link to them. You will find them easily though. Their bus service is about the same price as the one we’re going to detail – Arriva’s bus line 852 from Amsterdam Rai station to the Keukenhof tulip gardens.

This a special bus put on for tulip season and it drops you at the front entrance of Keukenhof. It goes eight times an hour. However, expect the one you’re on to be packed and if you get there close to departure time you might have to stand. Still though, it will get the job done and it is cheap.

Bus 852 From Amsterdam Rai / Europaplein

Rai is the name of the convention centre in Amsterdam and it’s in the southern part of the city. Amsterdam is not particularly so you’re unlikely to be too far from it. Unlike London there is no hour-and-a-half commute across the city. From the Van Gogh museum you could probalby walk it in 40 minutes. That just gives you a sense of the distance involved. 

Amsterdam has an extensive public transport system. There are too many ways to arrive at Rai / Europaplein to list here, but this is by far the simplest: Take Metro 52 to Europaplein. This will leave you in the large entryway to the Rai convention centre and you’ll easily spot the buses. Metro 52 is a single underground line that crosses the city from north to south and it does so really quickly. From Centraal Station it takes about six minutes. 

Tickets For Bus 852

Bus 852 only runs when Keukenhof is open. You can buy bus tickets directly from Keukenhof itself. For this bus service you specify your departure time but not your return time. You simply choose that on the day. Alternatively, we have a tour package that is aimed at people who will be travelling to Keukenhof by bus:

We buy you the bus and Keukenhof tickets, but also offer an 8-person minivan tour of the surrounding flower fields area for when you’re at Keukenhof. The booking calendar is below, but first a little background on tulip fields and Keukenhof:


Visit Tulip Fields

There are no tulip fields in Keukenhof itself. There are literally millions of tulips there, just in lovely manicured gardens. The tulip farms you see in iconic photos are nearby but not within walking distance.

For this reason, we started a new tour this year: The Tulip Fields From Keukenhof Tour. in 45 minutes, it takes you on the backroads where you pass countless tulip and hyacinth fields and we’ll stop at one for about 25 minutes. It starts from and returns to the main Keukenhof entrance. You can exit and re-enter the gardens as long as you get your wrist stamped. You can read more about it here. Or simply book  a package deal below where we add in bus tickets on Bus 852 and skip-the-line tickets to Keukenhof.