Keukenhof By Bus
+Minivan Tulip Fields Tour

🌷 Tulips For The Masses! 🌷

Direct Bus - Keukenhof Admission - Minivan Flower Fields Tour - €65pp

There are two big conundrums facing visitors to Keukenhof:

1) How do you get there? The answer for most people is by bus. We’re not re-inventing the wheel on this one. We’re simply buying the bus and skip-the-line Keukenhof tickets for you. 

2) How do you get to see tulip fields once you’re at Keukenhof? The answer is you don’t. Whaaattttt???? But what about all those iconic photos of Dutch tulip fields?

Well, there are plenty of tulip fields near Keukenhof but none in it. We actually love tulip fields a bit more (whisper it… actually a lot more!) than we do Keukenhof, so we’re on a bit of a mission to address this: With this tour package we will actually take you on a minivan tour of the surrounding flower fields area. We think we might be the only company offering such a a service to those of you catching the bus to Keukenhof. 

The minivan tour will last about 45 oh-so-flowery minutes and we’ll pass countless tulip and hyacinth fields. Your adventure will feature a stop at one flower field for photos (oh so many photos!) and for our guide to tell you the story of Dutch tulips. We’ll mostly stop at a tulips field, but very early in the season it might be hyacinths as these bloom earlier. After the tour we will drop you back to Keukenhof and you can re-enter the gardens. VERY IMPORTANT: Get your wrist stamped before leaving the gardens to take the minivan tour. That way you will be able to get back in.


Two senior ladies in a field of tulips in Keukenhof

We’ve been running tulip tours since 2016 and learned quickly that while everyone knows about Keukenhof, very few know how to find a good field of tulips. You can read more about our experience and philosophy of touring on our about page