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Amsterdam Tulips Field
Barack Obama in a field of tulips

In 2023, Barak Obama chose us to show him a field of Dutch tulips. We can do the same for you in 2024.

  • 8-people max

    Our tours are for a maximum of eight people in a minivan. This means we can travel little backroads.

  • Tulip field

    We'll drive a circa 15km loop of the backroads around Keukenhof. You'll see lots of tulip and hyacinth farms, and we'll stop at one field. If it's early in the season it might be a hyacinths field.

  • Re-enter Keukenhof

    If you leave the gardens to take our tour get your wrist stamped on the way out. This will allow you to get back in to Keukenhof.

  • Circa 45mins

    The tour will take about 45 minutes, with a little wiggle room on either side for traffic.

Tourists standing by a field of Hyacinths near Alkmaar
Two tourists doing a piggy back, smiling, near a field of tulips in Amsterdam
A group of Indians near a multicoloured field of tulips
Twp Americans reclining and smiling in a field of tulips
Smiling tourists in a field of tulips near Keukenhof
Two Americans in a field of hyacinths near Amsterdam
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