Amsterdam Friends & Recommendations

Hey there! At Amsterdam Tulips Tour, we’re all about the Dutch tulip (fields) and bring you out of the city but we know you want the low-down on great experiences in the city. That’s why we’re happy to share some local love for our fellow tour independent tour companies and other small businesses in Amsterdam. These guys will help you find the authentic Amsterdam and with a personal touch. Whether you fancy a stroll through history or a taste of the city’s culinary delights, these guys have you covered. Each one brings their unique spin, and we trust them to make your Amsterdam experience just as special as ours. Dive into the real Amsterdam with these awesome folks!

Countryside E-bike tour: Zaanse Schans

E-Bike tour near Zaanse Schans
Zaanse Schans Bike Tour

We here at Amsterdam Tulips Tour have always been rather skeptical of bike tours within the city. You’re transposing naive, fun-loving tourists onto the serious business of Amsterdammers getting from A to B on their most advanced form of transportation: The Bike.

It’s a recipe for disaster!

Kendra of Those Amsterdames solved that great philosophical conundrum by putting together a bike tour that chooses the nearby Dutch countryside over the urban obstacles of Amsterdam. She puts you on an E-Bike so you won’t have to break a sweat. You’ll travel idyllic (and quiet!) country bike paths before ending up at the Zaanse Schans windmill complex for a huge slice of Netherlandish culture.

Kendra also keeps group sizes small, no more than 10, and the tour lasts about 5.5 hours. We’re more than happy to give it a hearty recommend! (Where’s that thumbs-up emoji when you want it?!)

Her company also does food and walking tours within Amsterdam, and you should totally check those out too. Want to know more? Visit

Walking Tours: Comedy Walks

Funny Walking Tours

They say that comedy equals pain plus time. In that sense, a history walking tour is ripe for telling by a comedian. 

All the wars, battles, and plagues of the past are funnier today than they were when they were lived.

Comedy Walks recruits some of the funniest names on the Amsterdam comedy scene. They turn them into tour guides and the result is a walking tour with laughs.

Our very own Rachel is also a Comedy Walker.