Hyacinth Fields

The biggest secret of Dutch tulip season is hyacinths. Yes, it’s a different flower and you aren’t searching all over the internet to see how you can see a field of them in bloom. However, as you’ll see from the photos on this page, fields of hyacinths are just as spectacular as fields of tulips. 

And hyacinths bloom a couple of weeks earlier than tulips. So, if you find yourself in Amsterdam in early April and really want to see flower fields in bloom, then hyacinths are the way to go.

And – whisper this – you could actually make the argument that fields of hyacinths are even more impressive than tulips because hyacinths smell fantastic, and when you step into a field of them it’s like taking an aromatherapy bath. Tulips, on the other hand (and we love you tulips, we named our business after you), have a very subtle scent that barely registers.

Fields Near Amsterdam

We have two main routes. Our off-the-beaten-track tour goes north of Amsterdam to the Beemster region. And the Keukenhof tours go, well obviously, to Keukenhof. This is to the southwest of Amsterdam. There are plenty of hyacinth  fields to be found in both areas. Moreover, the density of these fields is greater around Keukenhof, so you need to know where to look for them in the northern route (but we do!). Having said that, the hyacinth field we went to last year up north was absolutely gigantic! It was quite a sight to behold. Furthermore, besides Betsie’s tulip field, it might have been our favourite flower field.

Anyway, here are a selection of pictures of hyacinth fields that we’ve visited over the years.

Photo Gallery

A tourist in a giant flower field near Amsterdam
40km north of Amsterdam.
A field of hyacinths
Rory, founder of Amsterdam Tulips Tour
Two Americans in a field of hyacinths near Amsterdam
All three photos are of the same field (albeit a big field!)
Hyacinths near Keukenhof
Near Keukenhof
Also near Keukenhof
Hyacinths fields
From 2022

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