Self-Guided Tulip Tours

Two ladies standing in a field of pink tulips in the Netherlands

Self-Guided Tulip Tours

Tulip Fields, Food, & Other Dutch Sights

If you have a car and would like to see tulip (or hyacinth fields) on your own terms, then one of our self-guided routes might be for you. These are the very routes that we bring guests on. We sell 20 routes per day in order to keep numbers low. The routes change over time as fields bloom and are cut. We keep the routes updated over the course of tulips season.

We have our off-the-beaten-track route, which is very special and brings you far from the crowds of Keukenhof. We also have three routes for the Keukenhof region. These are for those of you who will visit Keukenhof and would like the certainty of knowing how to find flower fields.

Important to note: In the early part of the season we will direct you to hyacinth fields (as they bloom earlier).
Also important: The flower fields we direct you to are all private property. We pick fields that are easy to view, and generally border public land. Many farmers don’t mind you standing at the edge of the fields, but that is up to them. When in doubt we encourage you to ask. This is especially true of our off-the-beaten-track route as they get less tourists.

Self-Guided: Off The Beaten Track Tulips Tour

Self-Guided: Keukenhof, Tulip Fields, & Lovely Cafe (Shortest Itinerary)

Self-Guided: Keukenhof, Tulip Fields, & Pancake House (Option: Haarlem)

Self-Guided: Keukenhof, Tulip Fields, Foodie Delight (Option: Haarlem)

Backroads, Dikes, Polders, little Dutch villages, tulip fields, historic windmill (note: closed on Mondays!), Dutch apple pie. You won’t be anywhere near Keukenhof, and there will be very few other tourists!

For those who want to keep it simple! We’ll send you to the best flower fields near Keukenhof, and a beautiful old cafe.

Wonderful flower fields, and a trip to a very off-the-beaten-track pancake house that only the Dutch know about. You’ll also have the option to visit the medieval city of Haarlem.

Beautiful flower fields, and the low-down on an absolute hidden gem of an organic, slow food restaurant, with a beautiful setting on the edge of flower fields. And with the option to visit Haarlem afterwards.