Guide To 2023 Tulips Season In The Netherlands

Guide To 2023 Tulips Season In The Netherlands

Everything You Need To Know

So, your little heart aches to see Dutch tulips in Springtime? We get it. Let us share some knowledge with you to help you make the most of your time here.

From the basics, of when the flowers are in bloom, to the on-the-ground details of how to actually see them, the following guide will help you.

When Is Tulips Season?

That’s a good question. There are a number of answers:
1) Tulips season for Dutch tulip farmers is typically mid April to early May.
2) Keukenhof, the famous tulip gardens, where the vast majority of tourists will visit, is open much longer. In 2023, the dates are March 23 – May 14. This is because they plant early and late blooming tulips. However, the best time to see the gardens is mid to late April. Unsurprisingly this
3) In addition to the tulips, the Dutch grow other flowers, the most important of which from a visitor’s point of view are hyacinths. Hyacinth fields are (in our opinion) just as spectacular as tulip fields, but with the added benefit of having an aromatherapy bth effect! Hyacinths bloom a couple of weeks earlier than tulips. This means that if you visit in early April, and you opt for a private tour, that you will be able to see some spectacular fields.

Most tulip fields are only in bloom for about three weeks. However, they don’t all bloom at once, meaning the season will usually stretch to about five weeks from first to last fields. Again, if you’re only visiting Keuke