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Keukenhof Tours

Keukenhof is about 35km southeast of Amsterdam. If you have your own car, then this journey is very easy to make. If you don’t it can get a bit tricky.

Dutch public transport is usually fantastic, but this is based on their rail network. There is no train station in Keukenhof. There are various ways of getting there via public transport, but you’re probably looking at a 90-minute single journey. Which is a bit annoying!

The Dutch public transport website planner is Depending on where in Amsterdam you are it will give you a different route.

You could get an Uber or taxi but those are expensive. The other alternative is to get one of those big bus tours. Usually, it’s a return fare and the ticket in, and once you’re in the gardens you can go your own way.

As for us, we will be running a small group tour to Keukenhof so that’s an option too.

Map of Amsterdam and Keukenhof

Off-The-Beaten-Track Tulips Tour

Our Off-The-Beaten-Track Tulips Tour avoids the Keukenhof area altogether. Instead, we go about 35 km north of Amsterdam to the Beemster region.

Our entire route to get there is very backroads and picturesque. The Beemster itself is a Unesco World Heritage site – it is of historic significance because it was the first Dutch lake drained by windmills and turned into valuable farmland (and all this in 1612!).

It’s very pretty but not at all touristy. Which is why we go there!