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Amsterdam Tulips Tour

Our Journey: We started in 2015 as an off-the-beaten-track private tour business. In our first season, we befriended a family of tulip farmers who live near a windmill  (a great combo!). We started bringing guests to the tulips farm in Spring 2016. Snce then we have acquired great knowledge about tulips themselves, but also about where to find tulip and hyacinth farms and we find it a great pleasure to bring guests to these fields.

A Presidential Seal of Approval: Last year marked a momentous chapter in our story when Barack Obama chose Amsterdam Tulips Tour for a private tulip tour. We had the honor of guiding him through a tulip fields in the Beemster. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just north of Amsterdam. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to do some work for a president? Well, the before and after was quite surreal, but the tour itself was surprisingly normal. You can read all about our presidential visit here.

Evolution into Small-Group Tours: Building on the success of private tours, we introduced small-group experiences, allowing more enthusiasts to join us on these enchanting journeys. The response has been beyond our expectations, and we’re really grateful!

A New Chapter - The Keukenhof Tulip Fields Tour

In 2024, we’re thrilled to unveil a brand-new chapter in our story. Acknowledging the challenges of exploring tulip fields when traveling by bus to Keukenhof, we’ve crafted a unique small-group tour exclusively designed for bus travelers. This tour provides you beyond opportunity to visit a tulips field — a feat impossible for most Keukenhof visitors.

Of course, if you’re more of an off-the-beaten-track person, our original tour is still very much on offer, so just plump for that instead.

Join us as we continue to weave stories amidst the blooming tulips, creating memories that linger long after the petals have fallen. Book your spot and let us be your guides to the heart of Dutch floral splendor!


Writer, improviser, Irishman… and all round culture vulture! Rory is a well-travelled fellow who has lived in Ireland, Spain, New York City, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands since 2014. Rory started doing tours in 2015 and quickly found his niche doing off the beaten-track tours that explore the Dutch countryside… After Covid, he got a proper job managing a team of international copywriters at a large retail chain. And now he stores up all his tour guide enthusiasm for the five weeks of April and early May when tulips and hyacinths are in bloom!

I also run www.dutchcheesetasting.com


Rachel is an energetic and sociable stand-up comedian, public speaking coach, and tour guide from the UK. She’s lived in the Netherlands for half of her life and loves showing off her adopted country to visiting tourists. She conducts walking tours in the city, bikes tours in the countryside, and now she’s showing people around the tulip fields to the north of Amsterdam. Feel free to ask her lots of questions and tell her interesting facts – she really does love chatting!

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